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Dream of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland, located in the South-east, with a population of 477,660. It is the second largest city of Scotland.

The historic centre is divided in two parts. The new Town was built in 18th century. Its principal street George Street follows the ridge. On the Old Town there are other two main streets: Princes Street and Queen. Princes Street divides the Old part from the New one and it has become the principal shopping street in Edinburgh. There you can also discover few Georgian buildings owned by four English monarchs who reigned in succession from 1714 to 1830. Princes Street has a lot of side streets in which you can find suitable Edinburgh accommodation for you in one of the many comfortable Edinburgh hotels.

The Old Town is built in medieval style. The imposing castle, built on top of volcanic crag, is famous landmark which dominates the view. It was built at the 9 century BC and served as royal residence until 1603. If you are strolling around the Old Town through its large Squares you can visit one of its market places or astonish its buildings such as St. Giles’ Cathedral. Cathedral is dedicated to Saint Giles, who was the patron of the city. The cathedral is dated back to 1124 but after a fire in 1385 it was rebuilt. The interior was completely reconstructed and only 3 pillars are nowadays original from the year 1124.

Edinburgh also holds the festival composed by a series of events that starts in July and ends in September. Sophisticated theatre shows and classical music performances are displayed by international conductors, companies and orchestras. The festival has become the largest comedy festival in the world during the years. The annual Hogmanay celebration is also world famous and many people attend the event which is celebrated in the main streets. In order to enjoy live bands, try some food samples and drink a beer in one of the several stands positioned along the streets, you have to have a ticket. Edinburgh is also home of many museum and libraries. In fact the city has a long literary tradition; it was home of philosophers like Hume and political economy writers like Adam Smith.

Above you have read the reasons why Edinburgh welcomes 1 million visitors yearly. It is the second most visited city in United Kingdom. You can choose between high class accommodation and the cheapest hotels in Edinburgh. So why do not consider to have a new exciting holiday? .

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